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This is an absolutely true story

Relax...Just another pin prick...there'll be no more AAAAAHHHHHhhhhhh.....
Willie insisted I quit my job because she felt my boss was far too familiar with me. Not to worry, I found work immediately, with yet another female boss. This would be one of many jobs I would forfeit for her or because if her.

Crawford was in the picture as well. She was not going to give up and she had the right attributes to feel she had more than half a chance. She looked wonderful; she had a home in the far suburbs with 2 horses. She loved to cook, and not just the same old meat and potatoes that my other partners enjoyed. I truly believe I loved her. But as I said before she hated kids. But she was determined and I was at times weak. Several people had warned me that Willie was not the right pick. But my heart told me otherwise. And of course Bootsie was waiting at each threshold of trouble. And I adored her for that, even though she was in possession of some of my high heels and underwear she kept as keepsakes.

As stated earlier, we had received notice that the house I was leasing was sold. So we shopped the neighborhoods and we found a delightful 2000 sf house. We moved in and declared this OUR home.

Willie decided to introduce her to family. We went to see Willie's sister, Mandee in Harlingen. When we got there Mandee was on the phone, with Dana. And she didn’t bother to get off which put me off immediately. I was raised when company comes into your home; a phone call continued is one of the worst signs of rudeness. Once she hung up, she complained to Willie that Dana owed her money and she was trying to get her to ante’ up.

Mandee seemed pleasant enough, Very materialistic and could spend a lot of money on worthless crap quickly, like the beenie baby fad. She had them all. And dolls, all sorts of dolls. I would find that she would compete with me for Willie's equal time a gifts. If Willie bought me something, Mandee had to have it as well.

Her husband was extremely homophobic. I had my reservations about Mandee. I had been told, and it was verified by Willie, that Mandee was in fact, a self-serving person. Willie had actually found her in bed with one of Willie's lovers. When Mandee married her present husband Morris, she invited everyone but Willie because she didn't want Willie to embarrass her by the way she looked. She felt Willie looked gay.

Mandee did not have one nice thing to say about Willie. And let me know in advance, that I was heading for certain trouble. When Mandee got me alone she had some go-by instructions for living with Willie

“Do not let her have your checkbook” (oops, too late for that) and

“Willie is a hospital freak, she loves to stay in the hospital” okay, now that seemed farfetched since she worked in a hospital.

I blew these things off. I should not have. How was I to know they would soon come to fruition? Yet Willie adored her and nothing, I mean NOTHING would stop Willie from seeking Mandee’s approval. It was painful to watch. As I would find out later, all of Willie’s exes, (of course not the one Mandee bedded) dislike Mandee intensely calling her such quizzical names as Mandee Kavorkian, because she worked in nursing homes, quit often and suddenly, changing her name and moving miles away.

I ignored her warnings, but, as if by shear notice the next morning, which was a Sunday, Willie came running from the bathroom. She wanted me to check out her nether regions. She had, the year prior, a “situation” in her behind that had gone septic. She had been in the hospital for a time on strong antibiotics. So, here it was, one day after the warning and she was crying that we needed to go to the VA so she could have it checked out. The doctor reassured her it was nothing. The entire day gone. My weekends were precious to me. Unless, of course, I was working.

It did not bother me at the time, however, when i started exhibiting legitimate problems, she was less than forthcoming in sympathy. Except on this one point. She seemed to really care when I told her I had neck pain. Pretty typical in my line of work. Not only did I work in electrical design, also ran the CAD department, doing all the teaching, programming, you name it.

We were on our way to a party when she decided to drop by a hospital in which a friend worked. In the pharmacy. She picked up some medication for me. I was high flying after that. She also had codeine available to me.

It’s like the chaos theory “A flap of a butterfly’s wing could cause a typhoon halfway around the earth”

Meaning, just change one thing in your history and everything will change. If I had not complained, she would not have gotten the medicine, things would have been different.

But as it went it was too late, too fast.

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