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Bootsie Cobden Revisited

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I had a Fast Car, I had a way to get us out of here.

I was moving up in the world and I started to feel like all my pain and suffering was going to pay off.

I left Airdyne, one reason being, I could make more money elsewhere. And Yvonne was getting dangerous.

I could eliminate the problem in my work environment, but she still lived less than 5 miles from me and she tormented Sheryl every chance she could. I would come home and there she would be, Devo on her lap, Trey running out the door clutching the $25 she gave him, or she let him steal from her. It depended on what our previous discussion regarding his spending issues managed to penetrate her damaged psyche. She used my kids, she made Sheryl crazy, yet she couldn't make a commitment to me.

Sheryl would become exasperated thinking if she did her typical "I am going to leave to teach you a lesson", maybe she could stop Yvonne and I from whatever we said we weren't doing.

On one of these hiatuses, Yvonne showed up, bags packed ready to move in. But not really. She just wanted to spray the trees and plants outside so Sheryl wouldn't return.

But the first night she stayed, she became sick. Cold, clammy, low grade fever. I had to rush her to Houston Northwest Hospital. I stayed as long as I could while my neighbors kept an eye on the children. But eventually I was run off, so I returned home, showered and immediately returned to the hospital only to find all sorts of rebukes, and "caution" signs. With instructions to check in at the nurses station.

They couldn’t tell me what was wrong, and she wouldn’t.
All I could think was "What have I done, what have I exposed my kids to?"

She had known she was sick, but never told me. I find that truly negligent when it comes to children and I made an emotional retreat..

Sheryl stayed away especially long this time, I found myself capriciously unattached.
On Monday after the weekend in and out of the Hospital with Yvonne, I decided to stop at the Ranch after work.
I had on a deep teal linen suit and my hair "West U Bobbed".

I immediately spotted the charming and beloved Bootsie when I flipped my ID for the bouncer to not give a shit about. And Bootsie shot a quick glance and then longing stare in my direction. I made a purposeful walk directly to her, sat on the chair next to her station at the bar.

Bootsie was a well socialized vogue Dyke and everyone loved her, everyone wanted to be with her or just be around her. So I didn't really feel like I had any sort of a chance with her, but what the hell.

I reached for her, took her towel off her shoulder, placing it on the bar, leading her to the dance floor.directly to her and pulled her to the dance floor.

"I don't dance" She said as she put my hand on her shoulder and her arm around my waist.
"I know, do you want to come home with me?"

And before I could absorb my good fortune, she ran behind the bar, made her apologies, took her coat and keys and grabbed me by the arm.

Five minutes total from parking my car to walking out with her.

"I have a car, would you like me to drive?" I offered
"No, I will follow you. On second thought, I will leave my car here how far do you live? Oh 50 miles, then you won't want to drive all the way back here to bring me to my car. Ok, well, then yes, we'll take your car, we'll do that...yes.. we'll do that.

This was a humorous romp and of all the women I have been with, and men, this woman truly had been waiting. As I finally found out, from the first day Debra brought me in to Kindred Spirits and I told Bootsie I was straight.
She was nervous. And I found that charming. She had so many people in her life, so many lovers. Why me?
She said she had never been with anyone who sported suits and heels, sexy lingerie and this was what she always wanted.
I found this revelation to be close to unbelievable.

When we got to my home, she was taken in by the Victorian surroundings, artistic touches including my own works, and truly delightful bedroom with all the pillows, dolls, and silk touches. She was very happy and said so…often.
I went in to take a shower while she lay on my bed waiting. She was under the covers, reading a book, upside down. Truly cliché’. And truly, she was unaware.

The lights were low, she had already poured two glasses of wine and I came out of the bathroom dressed in a pale pink Anais Anais robe, which she took off me so tenderly, so sweetly. It was a romantic night, one not filled with threats, broken promises and certain abandonment.

I did not want to fall in love again. But she was something special. And moreover, she felt I was as well.
The following morning, she rook me to work in my car, she made plans to pick me up that evening, whereas I would take her to work at an insurance video firm. She watched movies looking for missing pieces of art and other high priced irreplaceable items.
There was an issue we did not discuss. Something I never felt would be an issue. But my life is never that simple. And this would prove no different.

To be continued

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