Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please Please Please

Page 31

Probably not 

Anna sent Debra out with the children so she and I could have this preplanned discussion.

I washed the dishes, showered, folded cloths, rearranged the loose miscellaneous debri under the kitchen sink.

“Dianne, what the hell are you doing? Anna towered over me holding a wine cooler, looking as if she were going to land this on my head. “Debra and the kids are going to be home and I really need to talk to you. PLEASE!“

I resigned myself to any inevitability and followed her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed, pulling me down next to her.

“Okay, Anna, what is the crisis?” Did I sound nonchalant? Unaware? Probably not, but Anna did not seem to notice the glaring neon guilty sign across my forehead.
“Do you remember Dian from Chicago?” Anna was looking at her hands, pushing them forward, scrutinizing her nails, always manicured to perfection. “She and I lived together for a while here.”
“Of course I remember. Your parents hated her”
“No, they hated the idea of her.” she put her hands down to her side, pushing on the frame of the bed, as if bracing herself.
“Anyhow, she is in Austin and I want to go see her.“

Dear sweet Jesus, it is not as farfetched as I imagined. Hell, this part could be over soon, and we can move on to the diatribes from the in-laws, tearing through co-workers and finally keeping Jackie from blowing his, or my brains out. (Prophetic)

“…and?” I waited for her reply.
“And.. I want to go see her, but Debra is going to go crazy”
uh...not so much...
“Are you going to tell her?” I folded and refolded a pair of Debra’s underwear.
“At first, no I wasn't” Anna grabbed the underwear from me and tossed them over her head. “But then, I felt that would be unfair and cause more harm in the long run”

Okay, who wrote this script?  I mean really, could this be any more pathetic? Here she is being all honest and there I sit, in her house, on her bed, restraining myself from running out the door and waiting for Debra on the street like the family dog waiting for her to come home from the vet with the cat who has just been declawed.

A foul and awesome display, now we are all son’s of bitches (Oppenheimer, after witnessing the first atom bomb).

Was this really going to go my way? Was I actually going to have a love interest go without a hitch? Just his once, Lord knows it would be the first time…


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