Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh my God, What have we done?

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This on-line novel is based on actual events.
Some of the names have been changed to protect the idiots who think someone actually gives a shit.

Anna's losses
Part 1 Finale

“Mam, please, drive carefully” and he left. I have tried that since, it doesn’t work when it’s not genuine.

I no longer recognized myself. Just 3 months ago, I was an innocent. My proclivities were strictly heterosexual. None of this was my idea. And to this day, I do not know if I would have headed down this road. Had she not initiated this, would I be gay? If she would not have, I may never have experienced love, for me, love.

I peeled out of there and reached that 90 mph in record pace. Almost 2 hours had gone by. The Sheriff Department vehicle didn't move.

When I think of Anna, knowing I will never be able to speak to her or see her again, I am reminded of this night and all the choices we had. And the choices we made.

I turned into the feeder at Uvalde Street, up to the front door of the house. It was quiet. I covered the door handle with both my hands so I could open it slowly, without sound, the screen door up against my back as I crept in. Then the click of the aluminum door. “Oh fuck”

But no one was there. This could be a good thing, or a bad, maybe everyone is dead. I heard rustling as Bo, Anna’s dog crept up, head lowered as if he did something wrong. He nudged my hand to be petted. Very unusual, I realized he had not barked. I patted his back as I inched toward the kitchen.

I saw a shadow, moving and it wasn’t the Bo's.
It wasn’t Debra.
I could see a small metal or iron maybe? tube come around the corner. As the impliment came closer into view I could see the tube attached to a bullet chamber and hand holding it.

I froze, oh my God, what have we done.
acacacacacacTo be continued...cacacacacacaac

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