Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's not the way that I wanted

It's just the way that I need it
Page 39

“What the fuck, Dianne, why does it have to be this way?"
“Well Anna, it goes this way"; I wiped the tomato seeds off my chin “If you know someone’s nature, why do you expect anything different?" 
Yes Dianne, I thought, why do you expect anything different?
I went on to work through the issues that were Dian to begin with. She has made a habit of breaking Anna’s heart. Yes it was shitty she summoned Anna, but if Anna had known, wouldn’t she have gone any way?  She agreed. Then went on to say she and Debra had stopped making love. They did not talk as much, Debra was pre-occupied. I tried not to register guilt, but Anna wouldn’t have noticed it anyhow.
Over the next few days, Debra and I had our stolen moments. We did what ever we could for money including delivering phone books. I could not believe I had lowered my standards so drastically. I would be starting up with the “arts"; soon, but it is a prerequisite to be broke, gay and pompous if you were to be part of that industry.
I made plans to meet a client of mine from Property Management Systems (PMS). She was also a neighbor of mine from Memorial Chase in Spring.
We met at a club on Richmond and 610 near the Galleria, Houstons Hallmark shopping mall.
I was both anxious and excited. I was going to tell someone, and experience the shock and awe.
Eileen was waiting for me at the bar, she came to the door as I came in and handed me a dirty kettle martini ,
kettle my favorite. We made our way to the chairs adjacent to the dance floor. Eileen reached into her briefcase and pulled out a file. She was going to offer me the opportunity to bid on a project. I reached over and stopped her, telling her to put it back in the briefcase.
“Dianne, this is a flush project and you have it in the bag.” She put her briefcase under her seat. “I just discussed you at today’s meeting and we came to the conclusion that the familiarity of your product was a safe bet."; she continued, “Bidding is strictly a formality, but the job is really yours.
She was correct. Every project she guaranteed had come through to date.
“Eileen, I have sold the company"; I asked the waiter for another martini, requesting a double. It would most certainly be almost undrinkable. “Jackie and I are no longer together";
Eileen gingerly sat her glass down cupping the bottom loosely.
“Dianne, what is it";
“I am having an affair";
Eileen smiled. She and I had several late night's of drink ending with her going off with someone and me going home. She was hungry for the details and I gave them to her.
She registered the prerequisite shock and I secretly enjoyed the unconventional situation I presented to her. She asked about the details and I laid them out in explicit details. She did not note disapproval, but she presented all the issues I was up against. I had been deeply engrossed in this new life and being away in this “straight nightclub felt like I had traveled to another country and now I was back home. Just as most exciting adventures, I wanted to be back in the journey from where I had come
The night ended early.
Debra had dissapproved of this engagement, but she and Anna had been invited to Cynthia and Sabrina’s. I was not included. The invitation was explicit and Debra as well as I knew she had to allay a potential exposure.
I had a few drinks, I felt sure footed.
Debra had let me drive her Sierra, highly unusual; she loved that truck and very seldom let it out of her sight. I still called Debra to tell her I was on my way home, so she could watch for me.
“Dianne, don’t come home" Her voice, low and controlled. I could here Anna in the background. Her words unclear, her mood, clear.
I started shaking uncontrollably. There it was.
“What Debra, please WHAT";
“Just. Don’t. Come. Home." She sounded very frightened.

One lie tells the greatest story ever told

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