Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dadita

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A best friend for the night


Anna had a surprise birthday party for me at Kindred Spirits. She invited several of their friends, people I had become newly aquanted; Sabrina, Cynthia, Melanie and a special guest.

I was not aware of this party. Debra had been chauffeuring me about, keeping the festivities under wraps. 
It was early so the club was not in full swing yet. I immediately spotted the balloons, festive tablecloth; packages piled high, all Debra and Anna’s friends, Bootsie of course, standing to the side and back, as if waiting to seat a celebrity. And Nanook, my best friend of 10 years (at that time).

I was ecstatic to see her. Nanook could always melt away my fears with her sweet smile and sensible sarcasm. I anticipated her arrival soon, in light of the status of my sexuality. She looked beautiful as ever and enjoyed the flirtations of the women around her.

The night was fabulous, I danced with everyone

Nancy paid the DJ an actually got them to play her song,

What did she say to promote her demands?

Anna noted that "straight women" sure do know how to dance... with each other. Debra was not quite as amused. She leaned against the wall, one hand in her pocket, the other holding her cigarette. I don't care how controversial this is, Debra, smoking a cigarette, exuded sexuality. Nanook was quite pleased with her selection. Quite pleased with herself. Pleased with everything

I cannot sleep, I'm your possession unopened at your feet

There is no balance, no equality ... Be still.. I will not accept defeat

Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?

That's not an issue" Anna reiterated the song's lyrics. "She is sleeping with you anyhow." This statement was directed at me. 

"Happy Birthday, Dadita" Anna wrapped her arms around both of us, and winked. 
The sound of broken glass interrupted this wonderful moment.

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