Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anna's New girlfriend

Page 34

If you leave, I won't cry...
The bedroom door opened.

“Oh, I hope we aren’t keeping you up” Anna, oblivious to my physical state, reached into the cabinet and took a wineglass out of the cabinet.\

“Here, I know you are used to drinking wine in a proper glass.”

The crystal was a product I sold several years ago. Cut Irish Crystal. Not the illegal drug. The glass had a fine etching of a blossom, the Icon for Princess House crystal, from a time so long ago, I can barely remember.Debra came out and did an about face, scurrying back to the bedroom.

Great, now she is afraid to face me.

She came back with a shirt and tossed it to Anna, eliminating any exchange directly with me. I wanted to assign that behavior to my lack of clothing, but I knew it was something much more.The bathtub was close to overflow, so I took my wine, and the shirt, which I refused to put on, in my hand. I tossed it into the bedroom and went to my ablutions.

I could hear the rattling of keys and then the front door close. I started to cry. All this uncertainty, this wicked, painful love. It was not supposed to be this way. My heart was breaking. I could feel it physically dividing. The fear and betrayal was more than I could take. Why? Why did she choose to destroy so much, so many? How could she? What kind of person does this?

The bathroom door opened ever so slightly as Debra snuck in.
“Anna left”

To be continued

Music: OMD/If you leave

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