Friday, August 26, 2011

Mea Culpa

Respecting one's Possessions

A life not lived, appropriately.   Page 19

There we were, husband and wife.  Well, not so much; husband and cheating lesbian wife fit the ticket.  But he was unaware.  And if he did know, he would most likely find it a "turn on".  Until, of course, he was given the schematics of the situation.  Then all hell would break loose.  But, for now, he had nothing but concern.  Which only insured my feelings of depravity and guilt.

Jackie came to me and sat on the bed with his arm on my shoulder.
"Did something happen?" he asked, "Did she do something to you?"
"Hell no!"  Well not in the sense he implied.  

I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, combing my hair, pulling out the bed head knots. I stopped, slowly put down the brush when I noticed...
"Why do you have on Debra's shirt" Jackie continued his stare unabated.
"And why did she have on mine?"
"She has a shirt just like it, you and her bought them in Galveston" I purposefully ignored the first question.

Jackie went over to his suitcase. He had packed it himself since I was in the "unawares" about this weekend.

I stripped off my shirt standing in only my new Mother-in-law purchased underwear. Then rushed to him taking his hands from the clothing he had his arms buried.
"Let's open that bottle"

Jackie had other ideas. He reached up to me and wrapped his arms around me. "You don't know how long I have waited for you," He whispered in my ear.

And he was going to wait longer. The phone rang. "Who the hell knows we are here?" Jackie reached for the phone. I took it from him.
"Anna is in the shower." Debra had to be out of control to think I could talk in the confines of this closet sized space. "Have you opened that bottle?"
"No" this was going to be one of those monosyllabic conversations.
"You better not. Put something on and turn on the TV. Anything. But do NOT give in to him."
"Oh, Anna packed some of your T-shirts with my stuff?" I was ignoring what she said, I needed to get the message to her in code. "No problem, I'll bring them over, but I have one on"
"Oh my GOOODDD!" she must have looked in the mirror "I have on Jackie's T-shirt. You must  have  my shirt on." She sound panicked. "I can't believe I didn't notice.  Is that the shirt you have on?  Did HE notice? What did you tell him?"
"That's okay. I am wearing it"  Answering all questions in one fell swoop, hopefully placating Jackie. 'Do you have Jackie's shirt on? Or is it the one you bought."
"Fine. I get it" Debra continued, "You can't talk"

Really. You know, maybe she isn't a professional adultress after all.  "Dianne, I am begging you, this will all be over."

She knew I couldn't say a word in response to her plea. So I said nothing.
"Oh baby please respect what we have. That's all I ask" On that, she hung up.


Jackie had retired to the bed, within ashtray on his stomach. He rolled a joint and lit it up.

"Jack, that is going to smell in the hallway"
"I don't give a shit. Anna wouldn't let me light up in the car and then everyone had to rush to dinner" 
'Fine, but if you father comes beating on the door I am letting him in. You can deal." I put the shirt on and went to take a shower. I needed one.

He continued his quest for sublimation.

The TV was on loud and clear. But I could still hear Anna and Debra. They were talking loudly. I tried to decipher what was being said. It didn’t sound like amiable dialogue.

There was a knock on the door.
""Shit" Jackie's ashtray fell to the floor as he jumped up "What NOW?"

I put back on my shirt and intercepted the door as Jackie made his way. Lo and Behold.
"I didn't want to bother you guys, but Debra insisted" Anna and Debra had balloons in their hands filled with water. Apparently, what I took for heated words were in fact the two of them laughing and filling up balloons with water. Now, where they got the balloons I do not know, but the two of them are prepared for everything.

As if reading my mind "The kids got balloons and we let out the air to fill them with water." Anna explained while Debra stood there with cat & canary smile. "C'mon let's go to the balcony and throw these on the prom kids.

"Anna, will you get over not going to prom"
"I even went to prom" Debra bragged and then pushed past Anna into the room. "C'mon Jackie"

He was already dressed. Hijinks were his business. I started to put on the white gauze outfit Lee got me, but changed my mind. This may get messy. So I put on Debra's shirt and shorts. She would make an issue of not including her cloths with a mess. I would be safe.

We all headed down the hall and into the stairwell. We were on the fourth floor. Good velocity. In this old hotel, the stairwell had windows and they opened.

"Checked this out. We can throw them from here" Debra and Jackie were struggling but got the window opened.

I was apprehensive. What if we got caught? Screw it. I was out voted anyhow.

Debra took a beer out of a bag, handed one to Jackie, one to Anna, and handed me a wine cooler. She took a beer for herself. I put the berry red cooler and put it on the sill.

This was the 80's. Prom dress was not the pencil straight fashion they are now. These dresses took yards and yards and yards of material. Poufy folds in the shoulders and skirts. You could hide food in these frocks and never find it. And we were going to throw water balloons. Jackie opened a balloon slowly emptied the water out.
"Uh... Jack, that's now how to do it." I actually said that! To my rocket science husband. He ignored me, resumed, with a cigarette in his mouth, the smoke catching his eyes.

Jackie took my wine cooler and filled up the balloon, spilling on the floor and his hand.

Anna was shocked. Delighted, but shocked. Debra leaned against the wall keeping her eyes on me every chance she could.

With balloons in hand, we stood sentry waiting to have a target. Soon it was midnight and we could see the teenagers milling out to the front of the building. Thank goodness, this was the END of the night for them.

They all looked so sweet and festive. Huge "Princess Diana Bride" dresses. Boys in rented Tuxedos. And us with the accessories to make this night even more memorable than it already was.

Jackie hurled the first balloon. We all followed, we couldn't take time, they would discover us. The first wine filled balloon fell on a light pink dress, sharing the backsplash with her date's white shirt. She squealed, he swore, jumping back, he looked directly up at us. Debra hurled another and got him in the face.

The guy ran into the building. A security guard turned and stepped back inspecting the window.

We ran laughing down the hall to our rooms. HALT. Jack Sr. was standing between Anna's room and Jackie’s.
"I don't know if I want to know what you are all doing. But keep in mind, I am paying for these rooms and you need to behave, it's after midnight and people are sleeping.'

We all retreated to our appointed rooms. Not before Debra could get final, dictate.
"Remember what I told you" she whispered "I am right next door"
"Well, Debra, That goes two ways. I am next door to YOU"
"Goodnite, baby girl" I could feel her breath in my ear.  Baby girl are words I will only associate with her.  I have never allowed anyone to call me that.  Except Debra.

All doors closed. Some louder than others.

Jackie went to take a shower. I undressed and crawled into bed fawning sleep.

Jackie crawled into bed. He reached for me, I was asleep.

I wasn't. I had two people in possession of my future.

The night is my companion, solitute my guide
Would I spend forever here, and not be satisfied

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