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Tell me Lies...

Sweet Little Lies
A life not lived, appropriately.   Page 13
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My shrink will never be the same again. I went to see him today…at 3100 Weslayan. Yes, that Weslayan.

I told him it was 25 years to the day when I was with Debra, measuring windows for blinds and enjoying the soft pearl grey carpeting. Needless to say, he was thunderstruck, to put it mildly. (I thought these “lettered” people were primed for such confession. Maybe not.)

He got up to look at the blinds. He turned the bottom slat up to expose the vendor. And there it was, as big as Dallas: Dianne Lindsey’s Curtain Call. He dropped the blind like it was tainted with a flesh eating bacteria. I wouldn’t doubt those blinds will be replaced.

Our story left off with me being home with the children SANS a bed partner.

Jack would be arriving at the airport sometime before dawn, making his entrance to a new and not quite improved wife (though some men may disagree).

The night was long. I did everything I could to detract attention from the shivering realization of what I, we had done.

When you are alone, with only yourself, introspection is the dish served. And once all the players in this selfish game become enlightened, no doubt, some or all were going to want revenge of some sort.

Retaliation was going to be the sport of the day. Don’t get me wrong, this in no means was a game. At least not on my part. I believed Debra truly loved me. Why would she risk so much? She had to know how this was going to affect all involved. So she MUST be resolute about the gravity of what she had initiated. I could not allow myself to accept that this may be a quest that validated her in some way. Did she talk to others about this? Was this a conquest that would sanction her romantic prowess? A commanding lover that her friends would envy?

“Debra must be something special, in bed and otherwise, to tempt a straight, somewhat homophobic woman away from her husband of 12 years.”

Perhaps she enjoyed the risk. I had heard of people living life on the edge, regarding only themselves and let the chips fall where they may.

My head swam with these visions. This was my first complete day away from Debra. The phone rang intermittently throughout the evening. I didn’t want to speak to anyone. Debra, Anna or Jack. Trey was my screener for the night. Debra called a half dozen times. The last call came with a threat that if I did not take her call, she would be coming over. I did not let that change my focus.

Debra and Anna lived 55+ miles away. It was after 10pm and Debra would have no idea of what would be waiting at this end should she make that endeavor.

I wanted to believe this was a one time thing for her. That I was special, unattainable. Someone would have to be mad to have pursued this with the tenacity she did. My ego was belying reality.

Could you take on this responsibility? If it was just a libido thing, wouldn’t she have made that clear? It was as if there were a fog settling all around me . Like walking through the clouds in the mountainous Big Sur area of California, only without the redwood cathedrals.

Ladies and gentleman, those of you who are being pursued or are exploring the pursuit of another, THINK HARD. Are you willing to see this through to the end? If you are not, then stop. The result of such exploits will require your exclusive selflessness. Your life will not be your own if it is someone already attached. You may very well loose your mind, if not you then your job, family and anything that gave you a sense of security. Out the window.

I turned on the television for distraction. A nd as if I didn’t have enough to think about, there’s my brother my brother ROBERT (Butch) SCHUCH

Butch (aka Robert Schuch)

A sample of Butch's acting:

Married with Children: Jimbo (on Al Bundy’s left)

I had spoken to him and promised to send him some money for an emergency he needed to attend to. I forgot. I forgot a lot of things.

My company was in need of attention. I hired a seamstress to address the curtain issue. Anna and the rest of my crew were handling the commercial end. But there were bills to be paid, customers in need of my fastidious attention. They were used to being wined and dined. I spoiled them.

And now I was spoiling myself. Literally. SPOIL in a bad way.

I finally fell asleep somewhere around 3am.

The phone rang just as I dozed off.

F*ck! She is not going to give up.

“please Debra…” I begged as I answered the phone.

What Debra!“ It was Jack. “What would Debra be calling at this time for?“

“Nothing important. She and Anna were having issues” This wasn’t a lie

“Hey Lady, how about coming to get me? Trey and Devon are sleeping. Wake Trey and tell him where you are going” He sounded so calm, something I neither felt or saw as of late.

I went upstairs and explained to Trey that I was going to get Daddy. It was 30 minutes or less away. Trey came downstairs and crawled into my bed. Within seconds he was back asleep.

I made my way to the closet, took off my oversized T-shirt and got the crazy idea to take off everything and out on my Fox coat with nothing underneath. And I added a pair of high heels.

I ran out the garage door got in my New Yorker and headed towards Bush Airport.

As I left the back alley driveway to the street, there parked a blue Sierra truck.

You know how they say there are only two things you can count on in this life ,death and taxes? Well look at what they forgot .

Yes, Debra.

And I was naked, with a fur coat.

Music Little Lies/Fleetwood Mac

TV shows: Married with Children/ Robert Schuch Perfect Strangers/ Robert Schuch

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