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Sometimes I wish I never knew

A life not lived, appropriately.   Page 18
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Debra lay hiding, not too inconspicuously, on the side of the bed.    

The door slowly opened. I could see a slip of a grey skirt, then arms holding a tray with roses, a silver covered serving dish, champagne and two champagne glasses.

I held the sheet to my breasts and turned to reach for Debra, but she was already ahead of me, vaulted up with her shirt and shorts already on and grabbed the tourist guide off the adjacent desk.
"Excuse me, don't you knock?" I asked.
"Your husband said you'd be sleeping and to take this in without waking you."

Debra rolled up the brochure,  "I think I got it Di, that thing was BIG!" She was looking at the ceiling, quite convincingly.
The maid put down the tray.
"Our wait staff is very busy and your husband was rather determined to get this to you" she did not look convinced that this was an innocent visit. But she noted that Debra was a woman, frowned in a puzzled fashion, left the ticket on the dresser without waiting for a signature or tip and turned to leave. No doubt Jackie already handled that.

The door was open and we could hear the familiar staccato of Lee's voice approaching. Debra scuttled to the bathroom as I pulled a shirt over my head, as they came around the corner, Anna laughing and pulling Trey by his head with her arm wrapped around his neck. Devo was first in the room carrying goodies of all sorts. I retraced, grabbed my panties, quickly put them on. Devo peeked over the top of her package and frowned, but said nothing. What does a 4 year-old say? In my life, I would share everything with Devo, almost too much.

Carly Simon with her daughter, Sally on the Queen Mary II

Debra was looking at me with eyes like saucers. She then looked up to the top of the shower, as Jackie followed his sister.

 "Oh, they brought it!" He picked up the bottle of bubbly "Great" He took the Do Not Disturb sign and put it on the door.

Lee backed up. Jack Sr. smirked "We get the message" He grabbed the children and they left.
Anna continued in the room. "We're gonna have fun tonight!" She picked up the bottle.

Debra was rummaging around the bathroom.
Jackie looked in and then responded to Anna's obvious ploy at ruining another night for him. "Yes, Dianne and I are going to have fun."

Debra fell into the tub while reaching up to the top of the shower stall.

I was visibly shivering. No one noticed. They were both standing in the bathroom door.

"Oh, I didn't hear you come in" She looked at me "Di, I can't find it; I swear I killed it, but it is nowhere." She put the magazine down.

Anna picked it up, turned it over scanning for bug guts.

"Dianne was screaming at the top of her lungs" Debra had the all-too familiar look of Stay Calm.

"Well, you sure didn't get it Deb, the book is clean." Anna changed subjects "Maybe we should order some champagne too, Deb."

Debra responded to Anna's suggestion. Looking directly at me, she shook her head no in quick choppy back and forth gesture.

I looked at Deb and for the first time gave back to her the attitude; she had been handing me all this time. I did not know what I expected from Debra. She had to maintain some semblance of a relationship with Anna. We both were cheating scoundrels, did I really think she couldn't cheat on me? Was it really even cheating?

But touching someone else the way she touched me.…

Everything she seemed to do
was just another shade of blue
I saw her searching into you
and ached a while

… I could not think about it

Debra shot a look back to me. which I didn't hesitate to return in equal disdain.
Well... gotta go" Debra grabbed Anna, "We can't afford champagne"

Anna turned to me and I immediately struck a look of nonchalant repose. Jackie followed Anna smiling. His look slowly dissolved. 
The door closed, but not before Debra turned the door plaque.

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