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Changing room

Need You Tonite at the Galvez

A life not lived, appropriately.   Page 17
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We were on the road about 90 minutes. We drove into Galveston past the beautiful memorial mansions, the Bishop’s House, and onto the Stewart beach main drive.

"C’mon, Di, get up. Comb your hair." She put out her last cigarette almost in unison with Jackie and Anna. I watched the two of them as I started to put on makeup. "You do not need that!"

I put the makeup back in my purse turned to the front of the vehicle just as we drove into the Galvez. Jack and Lee were waiting outside. This was in the time of no cellular. But they knew Debra was like a clock, she arrived, always when she said she would. Lee was all smiles, jumping and waving always giddy to see her babies, Anna Jackie, Devo and Trey. I always hoped I was part of that. Now when I looked at them, I felt absolutely awful. I thought about what they would say. There were seven out of the eight of us that were to be betrayed. I grimaced; I had no respect for myself.

I wanted to beg a headache and stay in my room. In fact, that is exactly as I plan.

I gave the per functionary look of surprise and glee, though most of it was not faux. I was surprised. My troubled look would be interpreted as curious.

"Dadita!" Lee called me that. Italian for "chic" "You look wonderful. I am so glad you are not so thin anymore.” I needed that. I feel so much better.

We all hugged. Jack and Lee both treated Debra as one of their own. I need to be poisoned, or thrown from a balcony.

"Gee I hope you fit into the things I brought" Again, thank you. I put on the mask of unexpected glee"

"What?" I smiled "Lee, you are so good to me, you shouldn't do that, I already have so much"

"I know you have nothing with you" she smiled impishly "You needed something to wear for the weekend."

I feigned surprise at the short holiday.

The rooms at the Galvez were small, so we each had our own room. As small as they were, Jack insisted the children stay in their room. I obliged.Like I had a choice. Debra kept one eye on me at all times. Puppeteer pulling the strings and making me perform as she expected.

Debra nudged Anna. "Dadita room with us", Anna used this familiarity with me often. Always when her mother was about.

"Nope ladies" Jackie used that word sarcastically, "You have had her long enough. I am leaving at o'dark thirty for Chicago. She staying here, with me."

Debra was at a boiling point. What the hell should I do? I couldn't very well tell Jackie NO and she knew it. But she still played the harmed paramour.

We went to our assigned rooms, all of us keeping our doors open, a prerequisite in Italian households. Free for all, in hotel rooms, at the dinner table, eating off each other's plates. Anna came running in.

"'Di, c'mon, momma has things for us" Anna was a treasure, but even more when her mom was about. I always worried she would be jealous of the kids. She was the youngest. However, that was never the case. She treated the children like siblings, as she did me.

We ran into the room Jack and Lee were in, to claim our prizes.

Jack was handing a wad of cash to Trey. "Take Devo downstairs to play in the video arcade. However, be in the restaurant by 4:30. Look at your watch, son, what time is it?"

"4:30 Grandpa"

"That's right, so there are no excuses" and away they went. Jack had scoped out the hotel prior to our arrival. Assured me he paid off the security guard to watch them. You'd think he was the Dago instead of Lee. I was concerned, but Jack would not allow me to intervene. Such a fucking ass. Lee looked at him with a mixture of disgust and recognition.

Anna was digging through the wasteland that was once an empty floor. Pulling items and separating them, putting the feminine colors for me and the more subdued for her. She threw white linen gauze tie waste pants to me with a matching tank top. Jockey underwear and Burkenstocks for herself, silk panties and sandals for yours truly. Lee handed Debra some androgynous shorts and a couple of nice tees and thongs (shoes).

Debra and Jackie both reached for the panties. I stopped cold, looked up first at her and then him.

"These won't fit you Debra," Jackie laughed.

"You think?" Debra snarled back and picked up the panties bra and for good show, also gathered up Anna's things.

"That Debra" Lee said, "Everything has to be so so. Nothing lying around"

Except me I thought.

We went to our rooms and I broke it to Jackie I would not be joining them for dinner. "Please give them my apologies. I have a headache" Not hard to believe since I had migraines quite often back then.

"I'll bring something up for you, I'll have my dinner up here" he offered

"You'll do no such thing" I knew this would be added to a checklist Debra was keeping. Better to keep the work orders short. "I am going to sleep"

On that I went to bed after darkening the room.

About 30 minutes later I heard a key in the door. He must have brought something up anyhow.

In seconds, I breathed in a fragrance that has become so much a part of me these last few weeks. I had on my new panties, no top.

I'd do anything to get you into my world, it's a right I defend

She stopped "Who are these for?“ She snapped the leg band, “Jackie?"

"Not you, they won't fit you" I giggled
"What is that? a running joke in this family?"

That must have satisfied her. "I need to tire you out before Jack comes back"

"Where is everyone?" I asked, tentatively. "How did you get my key?"

"I exchanged it with Jackie's when I picked up yours and Anna's things. He deserved it after that crack he made about those panties."

"They haven't finished dinner yet" she continued, "I told them I need to go to my room and call my mom. My dad isn't doing well."

The room closed in, her embrace was distracting. I did not have the guts to tell her that Jackie had both of our keys. But that family could spend an inordinate amount of time at the dinner table.

"Dianne, I don't want to go on like this." she sounded defeated. "I need you now, not later, now"

"Debra, I don't know where to start to give that to you" I begged, "I really don't know if I can".

"You can tonite. Right now"

It felt like blasphemy. It didn't stop me.

Then a card sliding through the lock. Debra toppled to the floor, no doubt to crawl under the bed, I sat up frozen, the sheet tucked beneath my chin

To be continued...

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