Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Galvez Weekend

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My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter

I had started to read the letter found in Debra's pocket, while in the elevator, then reconsidered.

I have very little in my life today. but these letters that found their way to the suitcase I brought to Houston. Letters from Debra, Risa, Bootsie and Maggie.

People who have loved me and whom I love.

The paper was a powder blue with kittens and a puppy at the top (most likely her sister’s or mother’s) The writing very small, printed, penmanship I would always recognize as hers. In spite of the misspellings, the note still has the same sentiment it did 25 years ago..

I am sorry this is so hard for you. I know being in this situation is very difficult for you. I don't know what you are feeling. I am afraid you will get scared and forget me. I know you aren't use to all this.
I am sure you won't believe me. But this is a once in a life time love. I thought it was when I was with Lea. And Cynthia. But this is different. I know you won’t give it up, you can’t, I can’t. I will never have something like this again. Please don’t take it away from me. Don’t take it away from yourself.
Anna will find someone, I am sure and then we can all be together, no one will be hurt and the kids and you will be happy. I know I will be happy. I am happy now. You have made me this 10pt;">
I know this is a kind of life you aren’t use to, but we will have any happy times.
Don’t you enjoy the camping trips and trips to Lake Travis? The rafting down the river?
We will have that. And all the time we need. We will get a house. The kids will go to school, we will work and have dinner at home just like a real family. I know this is hard and I wanted to say all this to you, but we never have time, or we start doing other things. I just need you to know. It will be wonderful. You are wonderful.
Please, please. I could not take it if you went back with B___ [Jackie]. Just please, please I beg you, don’t give it up..

You scare me when you don’t talk to me. I guess having Lee and Jack here is making you nervous. I hope that is what is wrong.
You have been [withdrawen]. Come back to me.

To be continued

Peter Gabriel/Don't give up.

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