Monday, August 8, 2011

Barely seventeen and barely dressed

Making Love; Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
A life not lived, appropriately.   Page 14
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Things were so confusing, I didn’t know which way is up. It was an impetuous, needy move and it was early June. In Houston. I thought I could drive my libido into heterosexuality.

As I drove out of the back drive to my house in Champions, there parked was a blue Sierra truck. It was occupied, there was a small red ember, a cigarette. Oh yeah, and it was Debra.

I have never driven backwards so fast. She tailed me to the door. I opened the garage door as I backed up. I did a good back turn and almost ran through the kitchen wall. I immediately closed the garage door, but alas, Debra’s truck pulled in just enough to halt the door.

I ran in the house and to the bedroom closet, tore off that coat and pulled up a pair of shorts, tossed on a t-shirt.

“What the hell?’ Debra exclaimed “what is going on?!, Who are you going to meet?"

“I’m going to meet Jack at the airport, I forgot my wallet and I needed it to get in the Airport Garage. “ (big lie, I was to pick him up at baggage claim)

“Bullshit! You can pick him up at the baggage claim. You don’t need money” she snapped.

“I needed it just in case. I also needed my driver’s license,” I said somewhat inaudibly, sheepishly.

Just then, Trey woke. He was sleeping in our bed while I was gone.

“Mom, where is your fur coat?” Trey wiped the sleep from his eyes and exited to the bathroom.

“WHAT?” Debra was furious, red-faced “A fur coat? It’s at least 85 degrees out there”.

“It was just a joke,” I explained, “I thought …fuck; I don’t know what I thought.” I muttered. “Debra, I need to go”

“Are you sure you are going to get Jack?” she commanded, “Something is not right.” (You just notice? Things haven't been right for just over a week now.)

I grabbed my wallet and keys and headed out the door. Her truck was in the way. She came to the driver side window and motioned for me to roll it down. I did and her hands reached in, cupped my face and kissed me with all the intensity that I had become accustomed.

“Debra please, I need to go”

She walked slowly, deliberately, to her vehicle. She then pulled it out far enough for me to get in front of her. I repeated the earlier drive only this time chauffeured.

Debra followed me, staying on my tail. She put on her hazards and beckoned me to pull over just as I hit the main drag heading to Bush Airport. I pulled over to the Holiday Inn parking lot. I was exasperated, but honestly, turned on. She was pursuing me, leaving no room for error. Or to change one’s mind.

“Anna and I will be by in the morning to pick you and the kids up. We’re going to Galveston. Obviously, my day was being arranged for me, as was my life..:

“And what, pray tell, do I tell Jack?” I inquired.

“Tell him anything. That’s your problem” Debra said “Hell tell him to come with”

“Then why do you need to pick us up?” I inquired “I could ride with Jack.”

“No” period?

“Well then what Debra?”

“ We will be by to pick you up” Debra informed me “You are not going to be alone in a car with him”

Debra was heralding back to some of our antics when she and I were traveling to different sites.
I could see paradise by the dashboard light

No place was too dangerous, small or off limits in this, our formidable intimacy.

To be continued

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