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Sooner or Later, you're gonna be the last thing on my mind

A life not lived (Appropriately) ... Page 3

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My sister-in-law Anna and her lover, Debra had been spending a considerable amount of time with us.

 One day Debra came over by herself.  Just showed up at the door.  I was very annoyed.  I was in the middle of sewing roman shades which took a lot of concentration because one wrong measurement and they could be too short.  A waste of money.

 But I let her in.  Devo ran into her arms and Debra turned into a kid herself throwing her up in the air and talking to her like Devo was an adult.

"What are you doing girl?"

"Watching TV and staying out of my mom's hair" Devo replied.

"It's time to get away from that TV and come to my house" Debra ordered  "There are some puppies that need to be played with."

I was taken aback at her bravado. 
At the same time I could use some alone time to complete my project.

."Go and get some of your cloths" Debra said "and don't bring any of those girly toys with you"

Oh My God, she's going to turn my child into a lesbian.  I pondered that thought. 

Then Debra turned to me  "What time does Trey get out of school?"

Oh Christ...not him too .
I sat on the chair next to her, enjoying the break from my tedious sewing. She had on overalls again, a Polo shirt, Reeboks.  She was always well pressed, well groomed no matter what she was doing.  I never saw her break a sweat.

 "Do I make you uncomfortable" she inquired
"Uh, no, no not at all"  I lied,  "Why?" "I don't know, you probably do not know many people like me."

"I don't know anyone like you"  the words came out before I could think.

"In about 20 minutes" I replied"

"Do you mind if I wait until then?"  She asked.

The do I handle this?  I felt she was being very presumptuous.  I acted like this was some sort of understanding. 

Hell, maybe Anna called and asked for the kids.  I acted like that was the case.

"Sure,I was in the middle of making roman shades"  I said

She knew everything about them.  The customers name, the location, the size of the windows!!  I was impressed by her diligence.  She looked at them, said they were beautiful, but  "ungodly" to put up.

I really liked the way she talked,(you know, like Slingblade, when the little boy said "Ah really like the way you talk) how she expressed herself.  I had not noticed before. 

I asked her if she'd like something to drink, but she was ahead of me on this, already at the fridge.She poured herself some coke and poured some for Devo and me. 

I probably had my mouth gaping open. Yet again. I don't know.  As this chapter of my life continues, you will see a patern in my pathos

I pretty much let people run roughshod over me.

But, I certainly felt very peculiar and would be happy to see her gone. Devo acted very different around Debra.  More like

Deb was one of her mates.

Devo ran to the bedroom to catch whatever was left of Sesame Street while Debra sat on the couch waiting for time to go by.

She laughed.  "Then I do make you uncomfortable?""No, not any more" again, I had absolutely no couth  'I'm sorry

Debra, I do not know political correctness in this situation."
"I just want Anna to be happy" I continued "If you made me uncomfortable I wouldn't let you have my kids."
"You didn't" she replied "I have a hard time taking no for an answer, that's why I just decided to take them."

I gasped, she laughed  'I'm not kidnapping them"
"What is it about me?" she asked "the way I look?  The way I dress? What?"

"Am I going to say anything to make you change?" I said "I mean what do you care what I think?"
"Dianne, do you believe that sometimes people are just born this way?""Looking at you, I would say...YES" .and with that I was off.
 "I do not know what I would do if one of my children ended up like you" .

She did not flinch, almost like she was prepared. This made things very tense.  I could stand it if she fought back, got insulted, anything.

But she smiled.  "Don't worry, God still loves me, it's the rest of the world I have problems with".

I'm sure God loved her, but how he was going to deal with her was another matter.  The God issue was an uncomfortable arena, best left alone.

She set me up and I walked in oblivious.  If she had any designs on me, this should clear that up.  What a shrew I was.  Shamefull.

Trey came in from school, saw Debra and dropped his books.  He too ran into Debra's arms.  What the fuck!

She grabbed up the kids, their stuff everyone talking at once and Debra holding conversations with these kids that was not put on.  She was oblivious to the rest of the world when it came to kids.  She should have been a mother.

Or a parent.  She should have been straight.

Both Debra and Anna worked for me, as did my husband, my future brother-in-law and various friends and associates.

My client base was impressive, I had two company cars and a new house in Spring, Texas. 

Everything was right with the world.

And then my accountant called.  Ironically, it was my husband’s cousin.

Jack had been embezzling me.  By quite an amount. 

So there it all went. Boom!!

My happy home, my allegedly re-invented husband and all the eventualities that were to come.

I was very disturbed, insulted and just plain hurt by Jack’s betrayal.

After years of spousal abuse, plastic surgeries we had finally reached a point in our marriage where there was a modicum of success with the American dream.

And then he steals.,, really?   Why did he have to go and do that for?  

Of all the things, stealing from me was the absolute bottom. 

When Jack arrived home, I asked him for his keys to the company vehicles, and then told him he had 20 days to get a job.

Sooner or later

You're gonna be the last thing on my mind

“Oh, by the way, I am going out tonight so you will be staying home with the kids” I clarified. And on that note, I went next door to Aileen Dahl’s house and we went out partying. 

I did not get home till almost three in the morning.   When I came in the door all I saw was an ember… at that moment,  I realized that Jack had come face to face with the monster he used to be.   He sat there in the dark waiting for me to come home, just like I had done hundreds of times.  

Jack was hired by a firm called Gandalf and needed to go to Chicago for school.  He would be gone for thirty days. 

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