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Annie, Dreamboat Annie...won't be back.

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Debra accepted the fact that we were heading into a maelstrom of disgust for our primal yearnings. I had no idea of what was going to happen. I purposefully thought only of the moment. I tried to focus on every second that passed as another sigh of relief that we were not discovered.

The day of that precious “afternoon delight”

. . .was only 12 hour passed. When I woke up the next morning, again, next to my daughter, I could see through the crack that Debra and Anna were in deep discussion

Oh fuck, she’s going to tell her. No, she wouldn’t. Well, maybe. No, she is going to give this time.

Debra’s eyes shifted to the bedroom we were occupying and locked on mine. I blushed. I could feel the heat rising. I was so entranced I did not see Anna walking my way, bringing me coffee

“Okay boss, what is today going to be?”  I visibly shook when she said boss.

“We have the entire Wesleyan building to measure and 4151 needs those blinds that fell to be reattached correctly,” I answered.

I quickly gave her instructions and a check. I was so ignorant, I actually felt deep in my heart Anna was not going to care. She had her sight set on Diane and almost pushed Debra and me together.

Jack was still in Chicago.

“I think I am going to stay home tonight,” I informed them.

Debra whipped around so fast; I swore the towel cut a swarthy gash in mid air. Okay, now we are actually in a relationship and the barbs should start nay moment. I was as tense as carrot top at the horse track. I tried to read her body language, but all I read was  "Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow. Today you will be under the jurisdiction of Debra."

Folks - if you think men are demanding, try batting for the other side.

I used to think things men said about women were both ridiculous and unfair. Now, I am inclined to agree.

When Debra made love to me, I had entered another dimension of euphoria. This site would knock me off my ass if I went into the fine decadent details. The touch of a woman’s hand moving like raw silk across the soft skin of my belly around to my back and making my body surrender. The chills run down your back, down your spine and … It will stay mine…

I have no intention of blighting this blog for allowing me here.  Without going into an x rating, be assured, this was the first orgasm I had with another person. I was physically and emotionally seduced.

It did not have candles and music, well… it did have music from her All American Chevy (Debra believed in Made in America and felt all the auto industry needs is leadership. Detroit has not felt any real pride since George Bush went to Japan and vomited on their auto executives). Nevertheless, that did not change the actions of two women recognizing each other for the first time.

What I learned was ears are NOT handles. This goes against everything I believe in.

Anna left, and she had taken the kids with her.

If you think Anna was just an afterthought, think again. 

Anna and I had quite a history. 

She had been there for me every time her brother hurt me, deserted me.  Anna and I spent a lot of time together when she was just  a teenager, and I was a 22, no more tha a girl myself.  Jackie had walked in the room when Anna and I were asleep on her twin bed ...

... both of us tanned with our skin bare, our long chestnut hair tangled together.  My back to her, her arms around  my chest holding my hands.  We didn't weigh 200 pounds total, we were so slight in build the bed still had room for another person, but her dog Bo took up that space.  Jackie said we looked like poetry.

This would be my greatest shame, what I have done to Anna.

Debra and I were alone. I stole a moment to run to the bathroom, and then I heard a light knock on the door. I opened it and she took my hand and turned around heading for the bedroom. I made my attempt at being to her what she was to me.

Let us just say it worked out. Debra was taken aback and rather upset that I knew what I was doing. If you like how I do it, it's probably best not to speculate about the origins of my talent. Just enjoy the moment and be happy that I’m good at it.
Debra seemed upset and really did not believe I had not had other liaisons. I had not. I had many opportunities, but no, I had never… She jokingly said, “You need to be lectured all afternoon”.
Even interested. I had a friend, my best friend, who felt we could spend our coffee clutches in each other’s clutches. She was not happy in her marriage, but this ran deeper than that, and yes eventually that played out as well.

When you hear your friends complain about sex, keep your mouth shut. It is inappropriate to either sympathize or brag.

Debra had deeply rooted jealousy as I soon came to find out. I still looked like a girl, I was 33. Debra and Ann both said I looked like Stevie Nicks, sans the additional weight and hole in her sinuses. When men looked at me, her face turned beet red and trust me, they refocused.

Debra took me that day to get my hair cut. I had not cut it in 20 years. I always had dreams that were more like nightmares, about it being chopped off. Yet, I did this without any qualms. She wanted it, and I wanted her to be happy with me. From that point on, I became Debra’s property. No, I am not kidding. She was taking over and Jack was going to be on the outs. The poor guy was taking classes in Chicago all ready to come back to Houston and regain some respect after taking a chunk of change out of my company, and now a sudden chunk of his life was going to be gone forever. It was serious and it was only going to get graver. Please no women’s lib lectures. They will be of no use.

Yes, my life had been very droll and settled. Then this happens. Just as I thought everything is going to be all right, someone throws a burlap bag over my head and beats me with a pipe.

“You are going to go home tonight” she informed me “I will take you home and I will be there around 10pm.”
She and her father and brothers go coon hunting. Do not even bother to boo hoo about it. I can promise you, no coons were shot that night. Shit, one could have walked in the door carrying a kitten and it Debra would have never noticed.
Annie, we miss you ...
... so very much.

To be continued

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